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I am a product engineer. Before that I explored the world of product management. I like to capture moments through photography.

Happy to see you here 👋.

Ever since building my first website I fell in love with building software. I first managed building software as a product manager before deciding to become a software engineer myself. I value iteration and working in teams that follow a clear mission with good strategy. I am committed to build user experiences to the highest standards across the full product stack (frontend + backend + data layer).

Insane amount of insights in a sub 4-min video...
Will check out the repo in my next for fun project. Starred.


Nice video i am learning nextJs i loved your work


Crazy, Lukas! As I already told you, the world needs more of these content gems 💎🤩


Very interesting insights. Thanks for the video Lukas Hoppe. This gives us an inspiration about how to combine different tools to create a website 🔥


Honestly I understand pretty much nothing of this, but again such a well done, informative, and fun to watch video


This content is invaluable. Keep doing it.


Design is the practice of letting go.
Of letting go of all that is unnecessary.
Exploring the mountains is the perfect practice.