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Personal Website

It was 10am on a Saturday morning in Lisbon. I was sitting on my friends couch ready for a great day in Lisbon with the birthday of my other friend Freddy ahead in the evening.

Outside however it was pouring. No way to explore the city in those conditions.

I decided I wanna try and use the rainy next 4h to build a website for Freddy and gift it to him in the evening.

Nice little challenge. Don't make it too fancy. Focus on implementation, so that it's actually ready within those 4h.

This was how I planned and executed it:

  1. Decide on content: He is a biker, photographer, t-shirt seller and lives in Lisbon. I knew I wanted to get these pieces of information in.

  2. Decide on design: Knew right off the bat, I want it extremely simple, a one-pager. Decided does this really well. Pretty much rebuilt the basic idea of his website. Kudos to him. He really pioneered this look!

  3. Code it: Spun up a NextJS project with TailwindCSS. Setup couldn't be quicker and easier.

  4. Deploy it: Deployed as easy as pie on Vercel.

  5. Buy domain and connect: Bought from