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Experimentation Platform and SDK

Building experimentation

We are currently building Uplift, an experimentation platform that helps businesses to drive confident and sustainable product development through experimentation. Drawing from own experience driving experimentation as well as intensively investing into customer understanding ensures that Uplift meets the demands of modern product teams

The philosophy behind Uplift hinges on the belief that successful experimentation demands simplicity in its processes. Our vision is for Uplift to be effortlessly accessible for teams who want to get started with experimentation while being comprehensive enough to accommodate your growth, establishing experimentation as a core facet of your organization.

AB Testing and experimentation can become a hassle to manage and truly get off the ground in terms of quality and quantity of experiments.

Uplift removes the burden of onboarding multiple different tools and thinking too long which process might be the best. It streamlines the process for teams to initiate, execute, synchronize, and evaluate a spectrum of tests - from straightforward A/B evaluations to intricate scenarios.

The application started as a side project to deepen my understanding of building analytics software and APIs.